One thing you can always count on is m2eclipse. In 2 years of using this tool, I've never been anything other than ecstatic. Great stuff.

3 Hours Gone: Poof!

3 hours is the same value to me as a serious wad of cash, and I hope that's true for you too. Time is all we have!

m2eclipse went south on me today, if I hadn't finally run the command line version of maven in the background which worked immediately, I never would have even known that m2eclipse wasn't working. It wouldn't get remote jars from external repositories, not even a locally running Nexus.

Because I never suspected the tool, I spent hours debugging nexus, debugging my settings, researching and verifying setups. What could be wrong with the repository? I was looking everywhere but where the problem was. When things don't work with Maven, there's a lot of places to look for the problem.

I've got a lot of experience wasting time with Maven, but most of that was 5-10 years ago. Maven has a pretty checkered history for those of us who used it early.

Bugs Are Not Bad - Bugs Pushed Out To Users Are

I can only guess that this bug was pushed out to my eclipse installation - because I never went and got a new m2eclipse upgrade and it always worked before.

My only point is that when you have thousands of professional users, there is a pretty high cost to pushing out a bug.

Also notice I never thanked Sonatype for this great free product which has helped me be productive for years. Instead I just rag them when it doesn't work right. The act of providing free tools to developers is truly a thankless task.

Sonatype is a great shop, and doesn't deserve the flack. Looks like they got it anyway.