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I have been a Maven pioneer for years

I have been a Maven evangelist for years, brought it into several organizations.

I have trained many people, done several very well attended presentations, published multiple online sites just about Maven.

and I hate Maven almost as much as I love it. Because sometimes it breaks, and there is no apparent explanation.

Today, it broke again.

Just on this one box. It runs fine on my other box on the same network connection.

It even ran fine on this box two hours ago. But then it quit.

So I replaced maven entirely, I've turned off the firewall. I've blown away the repostory. I've done everything I can think of to get a fresh start, but no cigar. It just won't work.

So today, I hate Maven again. Just like the last time, and all of the times before it.

I have lots of company.

There are bunches of us on the web, we're all the same. Idiots who love it. Then it breaks inexplicably and we hate it. We write nasty notes just like this.

Then things resolve, somehow, after hours and hours and hours and hours of silly work.

So we love it again. I can't wait. I need to get some work done.

It really must be a great product for us to put up with all this insanity.


update next day:

I now have several hours into this and still have not diagnosed the problem.


I actually have real work I need to do, but I can't do it. Not only am I burning up my time on this but I can't even build anything on this box so I am kind of stranded. Argh.

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