Onboarding looks pretty jacked up!

Speaking of jacked, I highjacked the video to make my blog look better, but I'd recommend going to the Sonatype blog. This is sharp stuff. 

If you know the guys at Sonatype - I know Jason anyway, and to me seems every bit as fruity oddball as myself or any of us - but just this one time - I'm accusing him of really hitting the freaking nail on the head.

There's a couple things I'd like to point out that make this an insanely smart announcement.

A Watchable Video ?%#$!?

I avoid videos like the plague because they are usually a giant waste of time. This one is short, it's sweet, gets right to the point and it's done. It's not some dick developer who doesn't know how to talk, or takes 20 minutes to show you every click of every button. Boom, you're outa here.

Thanks to the guys at Sonatype for making something that wasn't a waste of my time.

The Metric IS The Objective

Results are all that matters. They don't suggest benefits. Instead they named the metric itself as the benefit. Time is all that matters, you fix time problems and you've got time left to fix all the other problems. 

Check it out. This product isn't released yet, or at least that's the impression I get. But if they can get this to work, they've really got something.