It's Not About Java, So All We Had Was Java Guys

Business Rules is about taking your if/then logic out of the [java/other] programs and giving it to the business expert guys to handle, so of course we only had java guys last night. Makes sense eh? Actually it's been that way for years here, our java users' group  is so strong that when you announce stuff there, that's where you get the stuff going.

It does actually take a java programmer to get things going most of the time, because externalizing rules for the first time really is a programmer's task. After all Read more »

I used to be in an industry where results mattered, but that was only because the customer already knew what he wanted. This was 20 years ago, and I built physical things-  software was just something I wrote to support the real work.

Defining Terms: "Results Matter"  in this usage means that I am expected to perform against a clearly defined and understood performance benchmark. Type "abc" tile costs $4 a foot to get installed, that kind of thing. Read more »

Like any programmer, I've been doing rules all my programming career. Every time I write an if-then statement I am writing a rule, in at least one sense of the word. Read more »