Don't short Oracle stock yet, but if HP doesn't make every wrong move with Trafodion, Oracle might get severe price pressure in the only place where it can't handle it well, long term.

Not to worry, this is HP - Oracle can probably breathe easy. Only one thing can stop this transactional, relational DB, and that's a lack of meaningful corporate POCs. Whew, that was close. No problem there, Oracle! If it seems like I'm challenging HP to up their game here, I am. They are leaving serious money on the table, IMHO.

Trafodion has a superb road show if it comes to your town. Rohit Jain is HP's Community Manager. Thanks to Lynn Bender for getting the word out.


Team $$$ Efficiency Through Modularity

Any veteran developer knows that integration and maintenence is where all the time and money goes, writing a simple module can be a few days work once the requirements, interfaces, and dependencies are set in stone. Modularity (OSGi) promises to eliminate much of that cost, by never fully integrating a module into the rest of the code base. Every module stands on it's own, lives in it's own classpath, and develops in it's own tested, versioned process. Read more »

The good news from JavaOne

  • Netbeans taking a higher level of importance
  • Swing and JFx getting a long overdue revisit
  • The competitiveness of the JDK being taken more seriously

this is all very good news from where I sit.

Take a look at Amy Fowler's current blog (long time Java Swng and JFx lead) and you'll see some of why it seems to mean so much that this stuff is getting such a serious look.

Warms My Heart?

You can't have a "Warms My Heart" kind of event unless  Read more »

Oracle sues Google to recover fees from Java (Dalvik).

[From this story on ComputerWorld.]

Because I'm not a lawyer and I don't understand how the law works regarding virtually every tool I use (and it must be in the hundreds including all the libraries I consume), this scares me.

Oracle owns the language that I've programmed in for over a decade. In an economic sense, Java is my lifeline. If they ever decide to aggressively pursue revenues, I have no idea how that could impact me negatively. But it seems like it could be huge.

Do other developers get frightened too? Or is it just me? [comments below] Read more »

"main squeeze" is a slang term from 1950s American culture. It is similar to "going steady", or a serious relationship.

If I'm going to break up with my main squeeze: Eclipse - the Platform, especially after I publicly admitted I was seeing another platform, the least I could do is give our relationship an honorable recap. I already vented my long term gripes yesterday. Read more »


"We get it" was the three word version of this presentation. Rod Johnson, the creator of Spring should be proud that the entire focus of JEE and GlassFish teams seems to have been to enthusiastically and shamelessly imitate his every move in recent years. Almost no reference was made to Spring or the driving force behind the latest changes, but it's a credit to the many JSR working groups that they allowed themselves to be so thoroughly influenced by the direction that market moved when Spring supplanted so much of the market that EJBs were intended to serve 10 years ago.

There were over 50 attendees.

To wit - the following technologies were described as "new" that seemed to follow rather than lead, the trends set by market forces years ago. Read more »

JavaMUG, our local Dallas area user's group (Java Metroplex User's Group) moved our meeting locations to Cisco this month. With Oracle's purchase of Sun, we had lost our last meeting space that we had for the last 5 or so years. Many thanks to Cisco for pitching in and offering us the fantastic space.

As usual, our invitation to Cisco's facilities arrived on a google map. A big complex, like other Cisco facilities around the world.

We knew we were walking up to the right building though, because the pizza delivery truck was parked outside. Photos below show what you would miss, if you were a local who had somehow not heard about our group. Read more »

With the release of it's long anticipated FAQ regarding it's plans for Sun after acquisition, Oracle has now posted a form of an IQ test for Information Management (Note: Oracle has removed the referenced document). 

The release is both welcomed and helpful. Will it kill MySQL ? No, it will invest more. Same answer as well for Glassfish and other key technologies such as Java itself. Good news from almost any perspective, as these are all key technologies. Read more »