For Those Who Want To Get Started With OptaPlanner

If you want to get started with OptaPlanner, the first thing you want to do is review the examples that come with it.

The second thing you will want to do is write your own HelloWorld. Hah! Not so easily done. Not that the existing examples don't provide all you would need, they provide that and much more. But they are written for a different purpose - to impress you quite artfully with just what OptaPlanner can do. That requires a lot of UI and persistence code, among other things. And it all might seem like it is very tightly woven together. It's not, but that doesn't make it much easier for someone like me to extract the essence of OptaPlanner into it's basic code fragments in a 10 minute code review.

If you run the examples that come from OptaPlanner and they don't blow you away with their power and art .... perhaps you haven't done much programming yet.

Yet what I needed was just the basics. Since it wasn't there in the examples, I created this git project to do just that. 270 lines of code, even including eclipse and maven project infrastructure.

Just fire it up, and you'll see the exact minimum of code to make the simplest OptaPlanner example work. Read more »