Sun's Gregg Sporar presented at JavaMUG tonight on memory leaks. We had a really good crowd, about 58 people.

The biggest thing I picked up from the presentation is why there would ever even be any memory leaks - because I would never write any in my programs, of course. So I had to learn how others might write leaks that I would be asked to fix. :)  Never lie, either, except in this blog. Read more »

If a developer considered sales as part of his job, it might alter the process quite a bit.. My current boss says he considers me "a change agent" which is a fancy term for a "pain in the butt", far as I can tell. "You're not going to propose that we use groovy or grails or maven again, are you?"

A new technology, on my current assignment, is defined as anything that came on the scene after 1999, far as I can tell. Ant is a new technology, for example. :( Read more »

Maybe you would be wondering how long it takes a three year drupal veteran who knows nothing about how to set up a blog, much less set it up in drupal ?

I had a ton of help from Erik Weibust. He has been a blogger for years.

Here is only a partial list of what I had to do so far Read more »