Don't short Oracle stock yet, but if HP doesn't make every wrong move with Trafodion, Oracle might get severe price pressure in the only place where it can't handle it well, long term.

Not to worry, this is HP - Oracle can probably breathe easy. Only one thing can stop this transactional, relational DB, and that's a lack of meaningful corporate POCs. Whew, that was close. No problem there, Oracle! If it seems like I'm challenging HP to up their game here, I am. They are leaving serious money on the table, IMHO.

Trafodion has a superb road show if it comes to your town. Rohit Jain is HP's Community Manager. Thanks to Lynn Bender for getting the word out.


If you've been following the NOSQL trend, I got to attend a great presentation on CouchDB Friday. It was quite an eye opener - and hit me as both positively and negatively.

NOSQL persistence stores have no column structure (schema-less) - a table is essentially a collection of documents, where each document is a hashtable, and every document's hashtable(s) can have completely different sets of keys. 

And this is a good thing?

I would use this, where I might use a database. Uh huh.

I've got a better idea. How about if I get a new brain first -because the one I've got isn't going to transition very smoothly to this approach.

Scott Davis

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