The good news from JavaOne

  • Netbeans taking a higher level of importance
  • Swing and JFx getting a long overdue revisit
  • The competitiveness of the JDK being taken more seriously

this is all very good news from where I sit.

Take a look at Amy Fowler's current blog (long time Java Swng and JFx lead) and you'll see some of why it seems to mean so much that this stuff is getting such a serious look.

Warms My Heart?

You can't have a "Warms My Heart" kind of event unless 

the heart started out a bit pre-chilled. Hearts matter, in software. Don't kid yourself if you think otherwise.

Not everything is peaches in Java land, as reports of Java's creator James Gosling shows. I never totally understand where my personal feelings of mistrust for the Ellison/Oracle executive team comes from. I know that I have felt it for years, I know that it comes from somewhere. I never know if it's imaginary or real. Makes me nervous to depend so deeply on Java, but sometimes nervous is good.

Java marches on, feelings be damned:

Regardless of my feelings of unease - or anyone else's - things are moving fast at Oracle, in the world of Java, and that ain't all bad.

More than anything I'm glad to see the Netbeans Platform getting so much love. What a great platform, and so long neglected, at least relative to it's capability. Our ecosystem needs that, no matter what platform you develop in.

I'm eager to see what happens from here.