You wanted to give the Eclipse RCP Platform a serious look, but you were:

  1. Too lazy to search for best tutorials?
  2. Wanted 60-second reality checks B4 committing your time?
Lars Vogel has already done all the real work in preparing a great tutorial, the added value here is bite sizing it for your easy consumption.

SpeedCast (60 seconds or less)

"How-to" screencasts are often as interesting as watching paint dry, so what follows is speedcasting - sped up so you can do a sub 60-second check to see if it's even worth jacking with.   Read more »

Great quote from Neal Ford on user interface design:

"Good user interfaces are like pornography: I know it when I see it, I can't do it myself, and you don't want to see me try."

I have been correctly accused of quoting Neal Ford too much. Yet this is an idea that could spread far and wide, and would do no harm.

Engineer != designer. It's a completely different use of the brain.

This is a follow up to previous day's swooning, whining, and boot licking.

Ten years of "the desktop is dead, web-apps are the only way" makes a great corporate religion. If you're a true believer in this religion, read no further - I'm a non-believer. Requiring a web app should never mean I don't want a desktop - even more.

I want web apps and mobile web apps, sure. But I want the default as a desktop app that can shuffle as much of the computing to the local CPU as is reasonable.

And of course, I want to write the app one time. The platform should be super powerful and fully developed by others. It should update automagically, have superb installers, and a  phenomenal list of features, yada yada. An impossible dream. Read more »

"main squeeze" is a slang term from 1950s American culture. It is similar to "going steady", or a serious relationship.

If I'm going to break up with my main squeeze: Eclipse - the Platform, especially after I publicly admitted I was seeing another platform, the least I could do is give our relationship an honorable recap. I already vented my long term gripes yesterday. Read more »

Yesterday I hinted at how far back my loyalty to the Eclipse Platform goes, as if I was really gun-ho on this relationship. I glossed over warts that bugged me, because I'm a loyal guy.

The truth is, I'm not so excited about this relationship. Not most of the time.

The problem with Eclipse as a Platform is exactly what you would expect from a super powerful, super flexible, open source platform. It is frightfully challenging to maintain a working relationship with, for a small enterprise like my own. Read more »

Woohoo! I'm in love!  What a great feeling, to find such a sweet platform that does almost everything I need, and most of it very well.

Sweet! I didn't know 

My main squeeze, Eclipse didn't know I was checking out other fish in the sea, but really I wasn't. I was just googling for "Swing OSGi" and here comes NetBeans releases an OSGi versionRead more »

If you've been following the NOSQL trend, I got to attend a great presentation on CouchDB Friday. It was quite an eye opener - and hit me as both positively and negatively.

NOSQL persistence stores have no column structure (schema-less) - a table is essentially a collection of documents, where each document is a hashtable, and every document's hashtable(s) can have completely different sets of keys. 

And this is a good thing?

I would use this, where I might use a database. Uh huh.

I've got a better idea. How about if I get a new brain first -because the one I've got isn't going to transition very smoothly to this approach.

Scott Davis

Scott Davis presented on CouchDB at our local Tech Fest. Read more »

The screencast below brings up many different approaches of modularity systems in Java. Hmmm. I never even considered anything beyond OSGi.

  • OSGi
  • JSR 277
  • JSR 294
  • NetBeans Modules
  • Maven
  • SMS
  • Jigsaw

Jaroslave Tulach, the guy who wrote the netbeans module system is interviewed here, it's a great discussion.


I'm a big Groovy enthusiast, but I only use it myself for build/deploy scripts.

A real pro demonstrated Groovy's power last night:

Paul Woods ran us through 90 minutes of groovy features last night, and demonstrated how powerful the language can be in the hands of someone who works with it exclusively every day for a year. Read more »

I used to be a really fast java programmer. If you wanted something written quickly, I was your guy. But that was "so last month...".

Certainly not today.

And it's a psychological struggle, because I'm fighting back the shame constantly. It's embarrassing as hell being this slow - even when no-one is watching.

Why so slow?

I'm working on my own software now. This is my nickel. Not billing others for my time, so I can do things right. Read more »