Maven Sucks.

You might think that was a silly thing for a Maven evangelist to say, but compare me to any other evangelist and it's easy to see the similarities. If I was an evangelist for the Foo Religion I would be saying things like "sure it's a challenge to be a Fooist but the benefits are Footernity" or something like that. I wouldn't be saying it had no cost. It sucks to be a Fooist, people throw darts at me and all kinds of nasty things happen. Read more »

Found out that the project we had been working on for months just got cancelled last week. It is being replaced by another project attempting to do the same thing in a different way, with different technologies and different structures. We will ignore a super powerful and capable app, and instead re-invent our own which clones some of it's features. 

No specific names here, not good business to go public with this kind of stuff. Read more »

Maybe you would be wondering how long it takes a three year drupal veteran who knows nothing about how to set up a blog, much less set it up in drupal ?

I had a ton of help from Erik Weibust. He has been a blogger for years.

Here is only a partial list of what I had to do so far Read more »

It's a lot easier to explain Maven in 15 seconds, but so far everyone tries to explain Maven in 15 hours instead. With that version, even 15 hours might not be enough....

Here is the 15 second version:

Maven treats a build script as an exception, compared to Ant or Gant or Make or shell scripts which treat a build script as a prescription.

In Maven, the only thing you write is the part that is different from a standard build. Having that standard build is the essence, not your script.

So let's review: Read more »


If you want to catch someone losing their mind to the swirl of emotions and setting aside facts altogether, just introduce the topic of Maven vs Ant to any group of java developers who knows a little about either.

You Can't Make Me

The first concern of course is the issue of force. Maven is free as in free beer, but it ain't free as in freedom. It's all about restricting people, forcing them down a predictable and consistent path. Read more »


Like any programmer, I've been doing rules all my programming career. Every time I write an if-then statement I am writing a rule, in at least one sense of the word. Read more »

If you aren't a java programmer, this won't make any sense to you but there is this amazing tool that java programmers use >  Maven


I have been a Maven pioneer for years

I have been a Maven evangelist for years, brought it into several organizations.

I have trained many people, done several very well attended presentations, published multiple online sites just about Maven.


Back when WordPerfect was the king of the hill and Microsoft Word was the challenger I remember there was a setting or something you could turn on that would make Word look more like WordPerfect so that you wouldn't have to re-learn all your habits.

You may be asking what is WordPerfect, right ? I guess Microsoft won that war eh ? Read more »

As a developer, how much time do I spend adding value, and how much time maintaining infrastructure ?

Sometimes my estimate goes like this

  • Adding Value: 20% of my time
  • Maintaining Infrastructure 80% of my time

Really I have no idea, but sometimes it seems like it really is lopsided. Read more »