Pick One? Or Two?

Let's keep the message simple. We are crossing a chasm - right here and right now. Much will be said as the crowd crosses, but the essence of the moment is a very simple shift. We now get to have both of what used to be either/or.

Fast Failure? or Real Deployments? You really wanted both, if you test and release software. For decades now, we've been trying to toggle as much as we can between the two. If we can just test that latest release and get feedback we can fix it easily. Devs work on simulating real in their dev environments. Ops worked on real deployments. Either/or. 

Instantaneous Feedback as the Holy Grail

Fast Failure is the holy grail of software, sometimes obscured by the fact that it comes in so many forms, and so many definitions of "Fast". Fast Failure means we can fix it right now.

Take Continuous Delivery as the lastest wrapper phrase for this concept. Hundreds of pages make up Jez Humble's fantastic book on this topic. That should tell you something about how many paths there are to get to "Fast Failure."

Fast or Real?

To get to Real we had to think in terms of DevOps, which has been nifty keeno way to set up environments, but has it's own set of challenges. But at least that way, we can keep it Real, too.

Just use these build scripts and it will be as close as possible to Real because they are the same build scripts that we use in production.

Enter: Docker (Pick Two)

So here's where it gets weird. Now you can have both. Truly bizarre. You can set up entire sets of containers, the Real deal. Release them for production. Release them for testing. Release them for development... gosh. This is weird. It's not "like Real" it is Real. And containers aren't just Fast, they are instantaneous.

Yes Walter, we could do this before Docker. Agreed. But we're now in the early stages of a whole new level of straightforwardness. If only the tooling would just catch up... It will.

We are using Docker right now in our own lab, and as of this week in a kind of production environment. It's really working. Even if it is early.