The Chef Win Series is a response to: "How has Chef changed our operations for the better, in the past 2 years since our shop adopted it?" Example:

The Chef Community Is It's Strongest Asset

Even more important than Chef the software, the community that surrounds Chef is what has sustained many of us through this recent period of change and opportunity.

We take part in the Chef community on  so many different levels:

  • Online
  • Local groups - formal
  • Local groups - informal
  • Chef superstars - see below
  • The IRC channel
  • Weekly Chef newbie hangout - Office Space
  • ChefConf
  • Personal relationships with other Chef users
  • Supermarket - cookbook repository
  • GitHub
  • Other local shops that use Chef
  • Blogs, like this one

There are so many avenues for support it's almost too rich. We would be happy to direct you "the best" of these but we have used all of them, and every single one has been a key part of our success with Chef.

More Than Chef

The Chef community may center around Chef, but more as a pivot point than the only area of mutual interest.

There is an entire constellation of issues that gets discussed within this community. Everything from the latest in DevOps to specifics of machines, vendors, bash scripts and even who is doing what at what local shop.

As a result, we are not only well informed about how to be a competent Chef, but also how to be competent in the entire area around Ops. Nice, huh?

Helpful vs Success/Failure

If you're a big enterprise, resources like the Chef Community are helpful. For the small shop like us, where a lot of what we do is shoestring lab experiments or tight budget customer engagements, these resources might make the difference between success and failure of a specific task. 

Or, going one direction vs an entirely different direction. That's a big effect.

This business of community isn't hypothetical. It happens to us every day, within the Chef Community.

Giving Back

  • Making our cookbooks public
  • Blogging about how we overcome  specific challenges
  • Physical and $ support to the meetups

Naming Names:

These are people that literally made the difference between us making it, or not, at specific blocking points.

Local, national, international:

  • Jamie Winsor
  • Boyd Hemphill
  • Seth Vargo
  • Paul Czarkowski
  • Nathan Harvey
  • Noah Kantrowitz
  • Matt Ray
  • Isa Farnik
  • Christine Draper

We could write an entire article on any one of the above and how we have been helped by them individually. But we won't :)