The Chef Win Series is a response to: "How has Chef changed our operations for the better, in the past 2 years since our shop adopted it?"
An additional perspective:

Challenges - the Background

I challenged Chef not even a year ago to acknowledge and solve these problems.

  1. .pem file configuration
  2. community/supermarket cookbook issues
  3. Ruby gem issues
  4. Learning issues
  5. Too many options issues

I'l leave the documentation on the above issues in the previous article, but most of these have been addressed, at least to my satisfaction. Maybe not #2, and maybe I'm ignoring #5 as inconsequential. But not a bad record, for a year.

Challenges Met

All I care about is people can get Chef to work with them Ansible style without all the Kung Fu blackbelt skills required to do the 500 node stuff. If I can't get my friends to use Chef, that cuts out an important part of the community for me, and potentially leaves me stranded with a technology nobody else wants.

So meeting these challenges is a big win. And no, I'm not under the illusion that my blog had any effect. A good year is a good year.

There are still issues, but they're no longer blockers in the same way they were a couple years ago.