Programming is how I pay my bills, but really I'm a cycling enthusiast who develops software when not cycling. At least, that's how it works in my dreams. I'm old enough to need a lot of rest between rides, so I still work enthusiastically full time - either as a java developer or consultant.

I recently moved to Austin Texas, after spending 25 years getting my butt whooped by faster cyclists at White Rock Lake in Dallas. 

My attraction to programming is based on the pleasure of problem solving. I consider myself a lifelong student of practices such as modularity, IOC, and low coupling/high cohesion - whatever it takes to reduce the crazy but normal 90/10 split between maintaining code and developing it in the first place. I've been a very happy Java developer for 10 years. Before that I was a DBA, sql jockey, FilePro developer, even a VB programmer! But I'm 57, so I've collected lots of different careers over the decades. That happens to lots of us by the time we get old. Hope that happens to you - transferring skills between disciplines can make you smarter.

I use this blog to keep myself focused on how to get better at what I do. I also maintain a couple of completely unrelated blogs at and Or, I keep a more formal listing of related sites here.

For the past 10 years I've worked exclusively as a consultant. For the next few years I'm spacing my consulting gigs farther apart and specializing in more esoteric disciplines with the development process. Right now I'm on some kind of strange tear to figure out how to straighten out the cost elbow that happens on development projects.

The rest of my time I spend working on our little shop's product line, which we'd like to begin rolling out later this year. Wish us good luck!