Just got sent this link about a new software product


The best feature ? 10 second demos ! No kidding, several of them.

Information Overload Dictates:

... I don't read or watch anything that takes more than a few seconds. There's just too much out there.

What really cracks me up is when companies send me 1 hour webinar links. As if I'm going to take an hour to watch a webinar about a software product ? On YOUR schedule, not mine ? Are you kidding ?

What Did This "Tour" Do Wrong ?

He had 10 second demos - GOOD

He didn't advertise that they were only 10 seconds - BAD

I almost didn't watch any. Only watched one, then got hooked, watched the rest. If he had put it up in bold 10 Second Demos I would have been hooked in from the start. Betcha can't watch just one..

Will I Buy This Product ?

Nope, but it's not due to any feature of this product that I'm not interested. We just started getting using the JIRA Studio at work for $40 for all 4 pieces that we us. It's an unbelievably helpful and mature product. No way would I go any other direction.